FIRST !!!111!1one

22 Mar

How to begin?

Writing a first blog post is a little bit like planning a train wreck.  It’s going to be horrible no matter what, but you want to make sure it’s the right degree of horrible such that people will be unable to look away.  And all throughout, the question runs through your mind: why in the world would someone do a terrible thing like this; what kind of person am I?  But I digress.

Presumably, I should begin with some form of introduction.  So, hi.  Welcome to Shaelblog.  While I could explain that that’s Shael, with the diphthong being vaguely as written (namely a long A sound closing with a nice open E so there’s kind of an invisible Y in there like Shay-ul), it’s easier to simply inform you that it rhymes with Failblog. No relation.

The purpose of this blog is fairly simple. I’ve been informed that in order to write, one writes. This seems bluntly obvious when taken at face value, and yet so many of us have trouble with it, myself very much included. I just need a reason, a place, to write. I’m hoping that this blog will provide me with the medium I need to get out all the larval concepts that form cocoons out of bits of my daily life inside my head. A place to demonstrate what’s important to me. And just maybe, a place to regain control over my vocabulary–as I round the curve on my last sprint toward thirty, I find myself slipping rapidly into the linguistic struggles displayed by my mother, who will frequently use phrases like “the place with the thing” without a hint of a joke.

So to that end, this blog will ideally contain words. These words may convey ideas, and the ideas will relate to the variety of topics that burble about in my brain on any given day. There will be frequent links to National Public Radio. There will be posts about World of Warcraft and related roleplay. I’ll probably talk about my job because medical collections is a thrilling field to work in. If anyone ever reads any of this, I’ll probably have a spasm about that and pass it off as a post. Who knows? This oyster is my world.

Three word summary: Hi. Personal Blog.

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